Maple Blossom Time

The large Silver Maple in our backyard, this site’s namesake, is starting to bloom.

The last few days have been warmer than normal, as seen by the crocus on March 7. The trees are now reacting to that, so real spring can’t be far off. Here is a shot of the tips of the tree that appears on the header of theĀ Silver Maple Web Contact Page. (Edit June 2013: the tree is no longer on the home page, although it did provide the leaf used in the logo.)

These blossoms aren’t large and showy, but they are a favourite food of squirrels, which are one of Bella’s favourite things, so she is definitely in favour of maple blossoms.

Early Spring

Spring is coming to Oakville

crocus - a sure sign of an early spring

Spring has arrived a bit early in Oakville. We have completed our web site (at least for now) using Responsive Web Design and the WordPress Toolbox started theme, have a new web client and the first of the spring flowers (croci) are up in our neighbourhood.

This picture was taken just around the corner while Julia and I were out walking Jet and Bella (see previous post). The dogs had a great time with the smell of spring in the air and their first walk in the woods this year.