Web Design

We specialize in Responsive Web Design to make your site work on all devices.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design allows your website to be viewed on any device, without losing any of its content.  The content is rearranged to suit the device width.  Phones get a single column layout while desktops get two or three columns.

Simply put, responsive web design allows your web site to look fantastic on any size device:

  • smart phone
  • tablet
  • desktop monitor

Unlike a mobile site which offers viewers a stripped down version of your site, we create ONE version of your website that works on all devices because it is based on your content, not the device type. This site is an example of Responsive Web Design.

Our Design Process

  • After you contact us you will be given a questionnaire to determine what you need.
  • We negotiate a contract that sets the requirements, schedule and costs.
  • At this point you pay a deposit.
  • We will provide you with up to three design revisions to refine your requirements.
  • When construction is complete you will be able to test your new site on our server.
  • When you sign off on that version we will release the site to your production server.
  • Payment of the remainder of the invoice is due on release to production.

Web Development

We build websites using WordPress as a Content Management System.  We also build web applications using Ruby on Rails and themes for the Shopify e-commerce system.  Development  services are available to clients using our designs and to web designers.

Why WordPress?

WordPress puts you in control of your content.  If you can use a word processing application you can update your content using WordPress.  WordPress also provides thousands of plugins that you can use to add new features to your site.

Unlike proprietary content management systems you are not locked into getting support from us, there are many developers with expertise in WordPress.  We hope you stay with us, but we don’t make it difficult to move.

WordPress also provides very good on-page SEO, we ensure that the metadata needed for search engines to find your site is there.

Professional Development Process

We use a professional development process where we work on a copy of your site, not the live version. We use version control so that we can always go back to a previous version.  When we are satisfied with the site we give you access to a Quality Assurance site that is a clone of the new site.  You can test out this site without impacting your live website.

For Web Designers

If you are a web designer we can help you add the extra functionality that your design requires.  As web designers we understand your language. We are also fluent in CSS, HTML, Ruby, PHP, jQuery, SQL, etc.

We can also help you with database design and implementation using MySQL and Oracle.  We can help with testing of sites on iOS, Android, OSX, Linux, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and there associated browsers.

Web Maintenance

We can help with maintenance… or not

We’re more than happy to implement your website’s content updates—or not. To make sure you always have the option of easy self-management, we use the WordPress Content Management system to build your site. These can be easily maintained with just basic word processing skills.

You are free to stay…or go

Everything we develop comes with training built in. You will own your domain and hosting contract and you also receive all the code and passwords so you never feel trapped. You are not locked into our services.

You’ve probably heard the horror stories of people who have put everything in the hands of their web development company and found:

  • they were being nickled and dimed for every little change!
  • their domain name was held hostage when they tried to leave!
  • they were being charged exorbitant monthly hosting and service fees!

That does not happen with Silver Maple Web, you own your domain–we can help you on the road to website success but once you’re on that road, you’re in the driver’s seat!

Whether you need a lot of help or just a little–contact us at 519-439-5981. If growing your online presence is your goal, we can help you get there.

“What’s it going to cost me?”*

Seedling: from $1000

Single page with blog

  • Home page
  • Blog
  • Responsive WordPress Theme
  • Two standard plugins
  • Site deployment
  • Two hours training

Sapling: from $1600

Basic responsive website

  • Home, About, and Contact pages
  • Blog
  • Custom responsive WordPress Theme
  • Three design revisions
  • Four standard plugins installed
  • Site deployment
  • Two hours of training
  • One week of email/phone support

Shade Tree: from $2,500

Standard responsive website

  • “Sapling” site plus
  • Image Slider
  • Photo Gallery
  • Five additional pages
  • Mailing list
  • Two additional hours of training

Shopping Cart: from $4,000

E-commerce website

  • “Just Window Shopping” Site plus
  • Shopping cart
  • full e-commerce capabilities
  • PayPal standard integration

Maintenance: from $75

Maintenance services are billed at an hourly rate of $75.  The minimum invoice is 1 hour. We also offer monthly maintenance contracts starting at $75.

Development Services for Designers: Call for price

Development services are billed at an hourly rate of $75 to $120 per hour depending on the service required.  We also offer fixed price monthly contracts. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

* Prices above do not include taxes, domain registration or hosting and assume that you will be providing your own content. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Security, Domains and Hosting

We can recommend large scale providers of these commodity services, but do not provide or resell these services. We are not affiliated with any provider. See our Hosting etc. page for details

Additional Services

call for pricing on these services

  • Custom WordPress Plugins
  • Web Apps using Ruby on Rails
  • Shopify themes
  • Consulting
  • Database Design
  • Custom Programming