Simple Matted Thumbnails


This plugin adds an additional thumbnail format:

  • matted – the image is resized and matted with a background colour to the exact size.

to the two formats already provided by WordPress:

  • proportional – the image is simply resized to fit within the desired box, this is the default
  • cropped – the image is resized and cropped to the exact size required



Now available from the official WordPress Plugin repository atĀ, or by using the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress admin and searching for ‘matted’.


Where are the Settings?

Login as admin and click “Matted Thumbnails” in the settings menu.

How do I set the mat’s background colour?

The background colour can be set using the settings menu. The colour picker is the standard WordPress colour picker. If using an old version of WordPress or with JavaScript disabled, you can set a hexadecimal RGB value similar to those used in CSS.

What is the extra matting?

This is space in the thumbnail box that is reserved for matting in addition to any needed to accommodate the image. The extra matting is placed on either both top and bottom or both left and right sides.

How do I rebuild the thumbnails?

After changing thumbnail settings, any new images will get the new thumbnail sizes and format, but existing images will not. There are several plugins that allow the administrator to regenerate the thumbnails. Two popular plugins are “Regenerate Thumbnails” and “Force Regenerate Thumbnails”. Note that using either of these will destroy existing thumbnails, so a backup is recommended.

What happens if I add a new thumbnail size?

This plugin will not mat new sizes unless you select them in the admin settings.


For support pleaseĀ Contact Silver Maple Web.

Thank you for your interest.