Simple Promo Code


This plugin allows editors to request a promo code and optional email address from users to get access to a document and track its usage.

The Short Code

The plugin provides a short code that will display a form that requests a
promo code and optionally an email address from your users and then takes them to a url. The short code is:

[promo code= document= name= email= id= promolabel= emaillabel= liststyle=]

The arguments are:

  • code= a string that must be entered access the document, required
  • document= a url to the document that you want to track, required
  • name= the name to display for the document, required
  • email= ‘yes’ to request the user’s email
  • id= the id on the form tag, useful for CSS, default is ‘promo’
  • promolabel= the label for the promo code input field, default is ‘Please enter promo code for name’
  • emaillabel= the label for the email input field, default is ‘Please enter your email address’
  • liststyle= the style or class for the ul, default is ‘style=”list-style:none”‘


The number of accesses using the specific code and document pair is displayed to editors by the short code.

Editors can clear the logging from the short code. There is no back end admin page