Is your website an open door or a maze?

An open door or a maze?

bigstock-Business-man-in-front-of-a-hug-40875844Did you know that your website only has 2.6 seconds to make an impression on viewers, or your customers? So are you providing an open door or a maze to your potential customers?

There are more and more people browsing the web on their smartphones and that number is growing all the time. It’s expected that mobile web browsing will outstrip desktop internet use by 2015. Will these mobile browsers be able to easily see your website or do they have to zoom to view the content that is not readable on their smartphone. Or will they move on to the next site that comes up in the Google search.

20, 15 and even 5 years ago, it was fine to have a very static site that could be a fixed size. Today you need a website that can not only be viewed on a 40″ monitor on a desktop but on a smart phone by someone on a commuter train. The old models don’t work any more. Even a “mobile” site doesn’t help. Last week we were showing a potential web development client what her website looked like on a smartphone. It came up in a mobile version that gave the viewer an “about us” page. What the viewer didn’t see were the client’s products – the stuff that they sell and make money from. Does the viewer care about the owner’s background, or what they do, or what is in it for them? It would have been great to have a picture of the frown on the client’s face.

bigstock-Woman-opening-her-house-door-t-38719351That’s why responsive websites are so wonderful. The client visits the website and a door is open welcoming them, showing them everything they want to see. It’s not a maze where they have to really work to find what they are looking for. Why not make it easy for people? Why not have them be amazed instead of in a maze?

Take a look at your website on a smart phone – do you find an open door or a maze? If you’re in a maze, contact us and we’ll help you give your potential clients an open door.

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