When you only need a small amount of website work done

At Silver Maple Web we can take care of all websites, big or small.

Ever seen an ad for a handyman or contractor that says, “no job too small” and when you call them they want to remodel your entire house? Yep, we’ve been there too.

The same thing happens in the web world. You’re happy with your website but you just need a small form added or you need a slight change made to the design of your website. Maybe you just want to have a custom WordPress theme designed and a one page about your company website with a blog page attached. Or you don’t even want a blog, just a virtual business card website.

You do an online search for a web designer/developer.

Do you hear over and over again “your website is outdated, we couldn’t possibly just do that—your entire website needs to be revamped”? You can almost see their noses turning up. Your little project isn’t good enough.

Isn’t that an irritating attitude to have to deal with?

Silver Maple Web respects your choices. We are more than happy to help you with the little things that will make your current website what you want. And in the future when you decide you want to completely remodel your website, we’ll be here for you then too.


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Web Developer at Silver Maple Web
Peter is a partner and Web Designer and Developer on Silver Maple Web. Peter has been building websites since 1996. Currently working in WordPress, Joomla! and Ruby on Rails. He has design experience and programming expertise in PHP, Ruby, Java, APL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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