When considering SEO, don’t forget HEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the process involved in ensuring your website is found by search engines. It involves the wording used in titles and other content both on the front end, the part seen by viewers and the meta data which the search engines also view. Many people think that they need to repeat their important search term or keyword over and over again to the point the human reader just gets annoyed.

The Case for HEO

HEO or human eye optimization is as important as SEO This is where HEO or Human Eye Optimization comes in. Visitors to your website don’t want to see the keyword stuffed throughout your page. If the search terms they used got them to your page, you’ve reached your objective.

The Yoast SEO plugin recommends a minimum of 300 words per page. Other SEO experts suggest a minimum of 200. If you can get your point across in 150 words, that should be fine. Ask yourself, “Will another 50 or 150 words of filler make my product or service more attractive and get them to pick up the phone and call me?” If it won’t you should probably leave those extra words out.

Balance is Key

When having your web content written, make sure that you or your copywriter get the right balance so that your website is attractive to both human and electronic readers.

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